Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well, I think I'm finally back. It's been awhile. Much happening. The run down of outside tasks taking place during our last 8 months of homeschooling is as follows:

1 - Packed
2 - Moved
3 - Unpacked
4 - Sad farewells to the Hills family
5 - Flooding
6 - Flooding
7 - Flooding
8 - Drying, construction and other fun summer activities
9 - Life, kids, planning for school etc.

So here we are. I delve into our third year of homeschooling on Tuesday. Nightowl is 8. Bearcub is 3. Things here in our new little home are fast and furious.

I've been planning, been to a conference and have some great stuff in store (fingers crossed). We're doing a sort of repeat of grade 2 topics due to Nightowl's young age. It fits. I plan to post again, regularly. And to finish my form drawing post from last year (maybe).

I'm really looking forward to our homeschooling year. The past months have been a whirlwind. Nice to get back into routine. Planning to post early - no late night computers (fingers crossed again) because sleep is good.

And we're off....