Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Handwork/Craft Log #1

Six weeks of handwork and crafts - here's what Nightowl's finished so far:

Pre-knitting: Twisty-turnies, braiding stick, finger knitting, hand knitting and beginning knitting project.

First finished knitting project: the multicolored washcloth!

Desk and chair for Elizabeth (she's practicing her reading and writing). Nightowl made this in the woodshop of our homeschooling friends Art, Gwen and Zosia. It was hand painted later by Nightowl.

Three sets of handmade knitting needles and the beginning of the second knitting project: the warm fuzzy scarf.

The scarecrow - halloween cometh! We were joined in this project by our neighborhood friend, Summer. Good times!

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Faerie Rebecca said...

Great projects! Mara surprised me by voluntarily picking up her knitting needles yesterday to make a little headband for her sister. She's designing this project all by herself. This from the girls who hated knitting and took (I kid you not) a full year to make a shawl last year for third grade!