Sunday, February 04, 2007

At the End of the Day

Tuesdays are becoming bake and cook days. Stay at home, do the schooling, bake the bread and some other culinary delight requested by Nightowl.

Last Tuesday we began before breakfast - starting the bread sponge, putting the stock on for chicken soup. It was about fifteen degrees outside but we spent the day cozy and warm working in the kitchen. Nightowl helped to measure, stir, pick out ingredients. She is becoming very good at kneading and she's learning to handle a small knife for cutting. She always gets a small piece of dough to make her own creation as well. On this day she made a small cinnamon swirl loaf to share with Bearcub. In between the kneading, rising and adding soup ingredients we went about our business of lessons and learning. Even the Bearcub was remarkably unfussy.

By dinner time the kitchen was clean, the bread was was warm from the oven, the soup simmering and ready to be served. Chillymama came home. We had a lovely meal and discussed our enjoyable, busy day.

Chillymama opted to take care of the dinner clean up. As it was my night to work I went to my office to pack up my computer and files, getting ready to head out of the house. Then I heard the cry of "Oh no!"

Oh yes......

In our relaxed evening enjoyment we'd forgotten our beagle's odd and unnatural ability to leap from the floor to the counter-top. When I arrived downstairs I found Sunny, our 12-year-old hound, enjoying the last of the newly baked loaves.

Nightowl cried a little for the lost bread and I confess it made me very angry - all that work! But, after a few days I still had the great memory of our busy, cozy day. And as I remembered his swollen bread belly I kind of had to laugh. It's a good reminder that at the end of the day there is usually much to be greatful for - even if the dog does demolish the fruits of your labor.

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