Thursday, March 29, 2007


During a recent trip to a neighboring town's childrens' museum Nightowl discovered a large scale chess set. That morning's chess massacre piqued her interest and we're now playing a at home. To help with the logic I've also introduced her to kid's sudoku. I found a nifty little website (Free Kid Sudoku Puzzles) with 4x4 sudoku that helps kids get a hang of the logic. We're doing a bit every day. Pretty cool.

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Misty said...

Hey aleisha,
Misty here - from Taproot. I am engaged in some lovely procrastination by looking at your blog - it is wonderful!!!! We have another homeschool weekend starting tomorrow - yikes!!! I still need to bake the bread, the ziti, clean the house, gather resource material for the 'Let's build a Digestive Tract' workshop, and have a bath...

it's never going to happen... especially if I continue to read the wonderful things you and the kids are doing!
back to work.