Monday, September 03, 2007

Summer's End

It's been a busy summer. Nightowl asked that I post a few things as reminders of her fun and learning during these past three months. Bearcub was always along for the ride and had a good time too!

#1 - Chris comes to visit! Wackiness ensues!

#2 - Trapeez camp - Mommy did this too although, fortunately, there is no video record of my performance. This little movie of Nightowl shows her form on the knee hang and the wonderful safety lines that help while she attempts the back-flip dismount - yikes!

#3 - Musical theater summer camp with her good buddy Sunburst. It was their first production. So great!

#4 - Chickens. That single word sums up most of Nightowl's focus this summer. Oh sure we did swimming (very fun), tried gymnastics (a disaster), hung with friends (good times) and a variety of other things. But the best was the chickens. It is due to chickens that Nightowl is learning about caring for the living creatures in her world, learning to read, and attaining a new level of self confidence. Here are a few of pix that she took of foul at the fair.

Pictured: Polish, Buff Orpington, No-Idea

Pictures: Golden Lace Polish, Bearcub preferred the goats

#5 - Pastured Dairy Farm Trip. Very fun. Note that her main interest is not cows.

#6 - Watching the garden grow? It did grow - but not well. We learned that gardens need lots of sun (we only got about 2 hours a day) and lots of water (there's a drought here) and that bunnies will eat just about everything.

#7 - The Michigan Women's Festival. No photos from this but it was incredible - check out their site!

#8 - Bearcub discovered the joys of paint - what an artist!

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Sara said...

Love that video. Good to have you back!