Thursday, December 20, 2007


I've just come back to the blog world. Back to reading others and thinking about my own. Oh, I've never forgotten this blog, ideas have been simmering, I just couldn't get here.

Bearcub is now at the half way point between two and three. I know many, many homeschooling moms with children this age and older. How do they do it? I am perpetually exhausted. It's been five years since I coexisted with a two-and-a-half old child; I'd forgotten. That and the fact that Bearcub's young life story is so different from what we experienced with Nightowl - think zestful exuberance rather than internal wanderings. With Bearcub it's so much....well, so much more. The highs are very high and lows oh so low. Last week, in the midst of some power struggle I actually stepped outside of myself and thought - "Now really, you are arguing with a two-year-old about a sippy cup!" Such am I reduced to. But I am hoping to regain a sense of calm and centeredness. Is this possible? I'm not sure. All I know is that this past month I have been tired. To all of you with multiple homeschooled children, with more chaotic lives and more balls in the air - I salute you.

I have many, many things to report. Tomorrow is our last day of school before winter break. I plan to post our lessons and adventures during this down time. But first I must to bed. In a houseful of night rhythm folks Bearcub is a morning angel. She bursts from the bed with a shout and lands on the floor at a run at 7 a.m. and the day careens forth from there. I'm finding that sleep for myself is the single most important ingredient for an easier, calmer day. I'm up too late already, and really I have nothing profound to say. Just wanted to check-in and say hello.


Anonymous said...

Im new to blogger and wanted to drop by and say its an inspiration to see so many homeschoolers. I have just had a baby girl but am hoping to homeschool her and its great to get inspiration xxx

Aleisha said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by and congratulations on your new baby. It's an amazing journey!