Saturday, January 12, 2008

Math Time

November/December 2007 was our first month of second grade math. From my viewpoint in mid-January I have to say that it really was an incredible month. Except for a short review the concepts we covered were all new and difficult.

I noticed a huge change in Nightowl during this block. Language arts lessons had a very dreamy quality. They were relaxed in that kick back on the couch with a cup of hot tea kind of way. Even the small bit of grammar we covered was very mellow. But math - it was almost frenetic. Whenever we embarked on a main lesson Nightowl became wired. It was impossible for her to sit still. She flipped and flopped and bounced all over the place. We got through the lessons but they were so active. I could almost hear the cogs in her mind turning. We ended every lesson with some big energy release - like dance party or running outside. It was amazing to watch her process. I was constantly glad and relieved that she was not trapped in a school classroom for this work. I'm quite sure she would have been in trouble for not sitting still or labeled ADHD or something of the sort. But at home it was not a big deal. Bouncing along she retained nearly everything, made some amazing leaps, learned tons and frequently made me laugh. If any of you have experienced a similar response from your kids please let me know. Wow! For the next few posts onto the actual math!

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Maymomvt said...

I remember the Waldorf teachers at our school saying that they taught math in the early fall-an energetic time of year exactly because Math was such an energizing/enlivening block.